The Feminist Research Institute (FRI) is a collaborative, trans-disciplinary hub for exploring how gender, sexuality, race, and other social structures inform the design, execution, and interpretation of research. FRI will generate transformative, paradigm-shifting linkages across disciplines by bringing feminist ethics and methodologies to bear on the basic sciences, social sciences, humanities, health sciences, engineering, law, economics, and agriculture and environmental science.


  • Provide a physical and conceptual space to support and promote local and international scholars in the development and execution of innovative trans-disciplinary knowledge production.
  • Establish a catalytic research program that brings together our existing strengths in science, social science, humanities, and professional fields.
  • Strengthen and promote local and transnational intellectual communities and mentorships through shared research activity and networking.
  • Pursue research-based shifts in institutional culture that will deepen the benefits of campus diversification.
  • Generate innovative, paradigm-shifting methodologies by offering a supportive space for risk-taking and experimentation in research.
  • Facilitate pedagogical and curricula transformations arising from FRI research.
  • Promote progressive social and economic transformation by interaction with stakeholders in public, corporate, and policy arenas.
  • Promote educational transformation by cutting-edge methods of dissemination that draw on technological advances.
  • Attract innovative faculty and researchers to UC Davis.

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The Feminist Research Institute is located at the University of California Davis.

Contact FRI by email at FRI@ucdavis.edu.