FRI Graduate Research Fellows

The Graduate Summer Research Fellowship invites proposals from UC Davis graduate students for summer funding whose work engages with feminism or takes a feminist approach in their research. Projects should seek to realize the potential of feminism to ask new questions, develop new methodologies, provoke innovative practices, create new connections, reach out to communities, and engage new audiences.

2017 Awardees

  • Tory Brykalski (Anthropology) "When the Hour Comes: Raising Life in the Aftermath"
  • Jeanelle Hope (Cultural Studies) "Grassroots Oral History as Resistance: The Narratives of Black Oak Park"
  • Katja Herges (German Literature) "The Body Encounter: Life, Materiality, and Care in German Life Writing about Chronic Illness"
  • Mayra Sánchez Barba (Geography) "The Slow Violence of California Agriculture and the Gendered Ethics of Everyday Caring"

2016 Awardees

  • Alexandra Fine (Cultural Studies) "Secular Spiritualities, Superstition, and Sites of LGBT Community in Greece"
  • Muneeza Rizvi (Anthropology) "Birthing the Ummah: Assisted Conception, Islamic Bio-Ethics, and the Question of Family in Palestine"
  • Amanda Modell (Cultural Studies) "Whale Song in South Australian Ecologies"
  • Jessica Blake (History) "A Taste for Africa: Imperial Fantasy and Clothing Commerce in Revolutionary-era New Orleans"