News News for Feminist Research Institute en Project HEAL: Bringing #BlackGirlMagic into the Classroom - a Pictorial Report Sacramento Area Youth Speaks (SAYS) presents Bringing #BlackGirlMagic into the Classroom A Community Discussion on Black Girlhood, Youth Participatory Action Research (YPAR), and Critical Pedagogies <p>Featured Speakers:</p> April 19, 2019 Scott Tsuchitani Institutionalization and Political Struggles for Justice <p>In a <a href="">feature story</a> for the Davis Humanities Institute, Ashley Serpa reports on FRI's "Administration and Diversity in the Public University" <a href="">event</a> that took place on April 4.</p> April 18, 2019 Scott Tsuchitani HATCH Spring 2019 Event Calendar <p>APRIL 12 I Precarious Reproduct ion Roundtable<br /> APRIL 22 I Confessions of the Fox: JORDY ROSENBERG<br /> APRIL 25 I Interspecies lntersectionalities: HARLAN WEAVER<br /> MAY 9 I Stone Men: ANDREW ROSS<br /> MAY 16 I Queer Directions: GRETA LAFLEUR &amp; DANA SEITLER<br /> MAY 29 I So Sick: SINI ANDERSON<br /> MAY 30 I Trans of Color Temporalities: JACOB LAU</p> <p>Times and Locations TBA. </p> <p>Contact:  <a href="" id="LPlnk702901"></a></p> April 18, 2019 Scott Tsuchitani Funding Opportunities with the Feminist Research Institute <p>Spring is here and so are multiple funding opportunities with the Feminist Research Institute for the 2019-2020 academic year. </p> <p>Click on the following links for CFPs:</p> March 21, 2019 Scott Tsuchitani Asking Different Questions: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Science Announcing a new FRI Working Group Asking Different Questions: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Science <p class="paragraph">We are excited to announce the official launch of the working group for "Asking Different Questions: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Science.” Asking Different Questions is what we will be calling the work conducted under the <a> March 19, 2019 Scott Tsuchitani FRI’s Sarah Rebolloso McCullough discusses Equity & Justice in Bicycle Research, Planning, & Advocacy <p>Dr. Sarah McCullough, associate director of the Feminist Research Institute, was the featured speaker at a seminar sponsored by the Institute of Transportation Studies at UC Davis (ITS-Davis) in partnership with the Pacific Southwest Region University Transportation Center on February 15.</p> March 03, 2019 Scott Tsuchitani Hiring Announcement: Anna Ward, Ph.D. <p>The Feminist Research Institute is thrilled to announce that Anna Ward, PhD has joined our team as our new Grants and Program Manager. In her new position, Ward will manage our internal grant programs as well as identify and facilitate external funding opportunities for feminist researchers on campus. The breadth and depth of her insights into feminist knowledge production will enable FRI to continue to expand our support of the UC Davis research community and champion ideas that are intersectional, inclusive, transformational, and justice-oriented.</p> February 26, 2019 Scott Tsuchitani New Project Focuses on Cultural Inclusivity, Retention in Graduate STEM Training <p>By Lisa Howard, UC Davis Office of Research</p> <p>February 14, 2019</p> February 19, 2019 Scott Tsuchitani Feminism, Justice and Transformation Art Exhibit Call for Participants <p>The Feminist Research Institute is calling all UC Davis students to partake in an upcoming art exhibition!</p> January 18, 2019 Sarah McCullough Media Justice Courses offered by FRI affiliates <p>Two exciting courses will be offered in Winter quarter 2019 teaching students about the uses of media to further social justice. Asian &amp; Arab American Media Justice will be taught by Scott Tsuchitani and Beshara Kehdi. Both are graduate students in Cultural Studies, and Tsuchitani also works for the Feminist Research Institute. Podcasting for Social Justice will be taught by FRI Associate Director Sarah McCullough.  Both of these courses challenge students to explore the potential of media-making as a site of community building and social change. December 12, 2018 Sarah McCullough FRI is hiring! The Feminist Research Institute at UC Davis is seeking a Communications Manager to amplify the reach and impact of feminist research. The Communications Manager will be responsible for designing and implementing an strategic communications plan that grows FRI's relationships with allied individuals and organizations within UC Davis and beyond. December 11, 2018 Sarah McCullough FRI Receives NSF Grant for Innovating Cultural Inclusivity in Graduate STEM Training <p>The Feminist Research Institute (FRI) and Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies (GSW) department received the National Science Foundation Innovations in Graduate Education (IGE) grant.  The IGE award will provide graduate students with training to locate their research questions within a larger societal context. This will include how to recognize and address issues of historical bias and cultural complexity. November 08, 2018 Scott Tsuchitani Serena Williams’ Catsuit and #BlackMommaMagic <p>In “Serena Williams’ Catsuit and #BlackMommaMagic: Speaking Back Through Fashion,” <a href="">published today in Dismantle</a>, Sarah Rebolloso McCullough brings a feminist sports studies lens to recent controversies surrounding Serena Williams’ tennis attire, and situates them in a historical context that dates back centuries.</p> September 24, 2018 Scott Tsuchitani Kalindi Vora on the “Biopolitics of Trust in Technosphere” <p>Kalindi Vora investigates relationships between gestational surrogates and commissioning parents as part of a larger discussion of the ethics of increasingly globalized assisted reproductive technologies in “Biopolitics of Trust in the Technosphere: A Look at Surrogacy, Labor, and Family,” published <a href="">in the latest issue of Technosphere</a> magazine.  </p> September 24, 2018 Scott Tsuchitani Hiring the 2018-19 FRI Creative Team The Feminist Research Institute is hiring our 2018-19 Creative Team. If you are passionate about feminism and creative media-making, we want to hear from you! We are hiring four budding creative professionals to help us in making feminist research accessible and applicable to broad audiences. Opportunities are available for students working in video, audio, graphic, and spatial media. All team members can expect to have vibrant conversations about how to apply feminist theory and principles in their work. September 04, 2018 Sarah McCullough Public Scholarship, Place, and Proximity: Imagining America at UC Davis <p>What opportunities and tensions arise in the production of public scholarship at the intersection of scholar-activism and civic engagement in California's Central Valley?</p> <p>UC Davis faculty Erica Kohl-Arenas and Robyn Rodriguez investigate this question and much more as guest editors of a special issue of Imagining America's journal PUBLIC, titled "<a href="">Public Scholarship, Place, and Proxmity: Imagining America at the University of California at Davis</a>."</p> August 21, 2018 Scott Tsuchitani Legacies of the Street Resources <p dir="ltr"><a href="">Legacies of the Street: Seeking Mobility Justice in West Adams &amp; Mid-City</a> sought to demonstrate the deep relationships between place and people that persist even in the face of transportation injustice. Below is a collection of resources for community members to deepen their own understanding of transportation history of their neighborhood. June 07, 2018 Sarah McCullough Announcing the 2018-19 Seed Grants <p>The Feminist Research Institute is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2018-2019 Seed Grants. The diverse group of project leaders come from more than 10 different UC Davis departments, institutes, and programs across campus. The awarded projects tackle a range of important and pressing issues, including environmental health, retention of Latina students at UC Davis, domestic violence in California, and empowering Sacramento-area Black girls to imagine radically new futures. </p> June 05, 2018 Stephanie Maroney Vision the Future of the Feminist Research Institute <p>We invite you to help us imagine the future of feminist research at UC Davis. Share your thoughts on what you would like to see from the Feminist Research Institute in the next 3–5 years through our <a href="">quick online survey</a>. Your responses are anonymous and will be incorporated into our strategic planning process.</p> <p><a href="">Take the survey here</a>.</p> May 16, 2018 Stephanie Maroney Kalindi Vora Receives 2018 Rachel Carson Prize for Life Support <p>Congratulations to Kalindi Vora on being awarded the 2018 Rachel Carson Prize from the Society for Social Studies of Science. Vora, Director of the UC Davis Feminist Research Institute and Associate Professor of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, was recognized for her book <a href="">Life Support: Biocapital and the New History of Outsourced Labor</a> (University of Minnesota Press, 2015).</p> March 14, 2018 Stephanie Maroney