Mission and Vision

Building more just futures through leadership, inquiry and collaboration.


We create more impactful and accurate knowledge by combining a commitment to social and gender justice with contextualized methodologies.


We believe in a future of justice and inclusivity, and in a knowledge base made more impactful by intersectional research. This requires a paradigm shift. That shift excavates hierarchies of power and can trigger social transformation, requiring us to acknowledge our interdependence and the necessity of co-creation. Through funding and conducting feminist research, we steward deeply collaborative and change-oriented projects that address the roots of inequality and provide forward-looking solutions—across disciplines and between the university and communities.

We define feminist research as:

Intersectional: encompassing sex and gender as they relate to other categories of difference such as race, class, ability, sexuality, and religion.

Inclusive: recognizing expertise across different spaces and disciplinary boundaries.

Justice-oriented: challenging structures of inequality in everyday interactions as well as social institutions, including academia itself.

Transformative: enacting positive change to end oppression and create a more just world.