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Performative vs. Authentic Equity Work

Transportation equity is a priority for agencies across California. This policy brief, conducted by FRI Associate Director Sarah McCullough and C. Sequoia Erasmus, highlights the importance of distinguishing between performative and authentic equity work.

Introducing the Environmental Justice Fellows

The Environmental Justice Fellows program brings leaders working in environmental justice into dialogue and collaboration with the UC Davis research community. Fellows conduct research that benefits the community they serve, utilizing the expertise and resources at UC Davis. They are also participating in seminars, visiting classes, and speaking to the research community. The program is a collaboration between FRI, the Institute for Transportation Studies, and the Energy Efficiency Institute.


Martha Armas-Kelly

A Feminist Science of Mars is Possible

In this excerpted interview, Interim Co-Director Dawn Sumner (professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences) and Asking Different Questions scholar Maya Cruz (PhD candidate in Cultural Studies and Science and Technology Studies) explore the cultural and scientific significance of a viral image of Mars. Chiefly, how can we continue to center questions of care, responsibility and accountability in our scientific practices?

Five Steps to Supporting a Better Research Culture


The mission of the Feminist Research Institute (FRI) is to shift research cultures to enable more impactful and accurate knowledge. Key to this mission is the creation of equitable research cultures that empower faculty, staff and student researchers to thrive and make vital contributions to knowledge ecosystems.

Sarah McCullough Named Director of Environmental Justice Fellows Program

We are proud to announce that FRI Associate Director Sarah McCullough will direct the newly-formed UC Davis Environmental Justice Fellows program. McCullough will work with campus transportation, energy and environmental researchers, as well as community activists and organizations to foster collaborative development within the environmental justice community on-campus and beyond.

Undergraduates Can Apply to FRI Board

The Feminist Research Institute (FRI) is now accepting applications to join our undergraduate board, which empowers members to participate in feminist research. FRI collaborates across disciplines to create research rooted in social justice and equity.

Members of the undergraduate board have the opportunity to:

❖ Develop future programs for research with graduate students and/or faculty

❖ Create avenues for undergraduate students to be involved in research

❖ Access research networks and Feminist Research Institute Staff

GSR Wanted for Asking Different Questions

The Feminist Research Institute seeks a 49% graduate student researcher (GSR) for Winter and Spring Quarter to assist with the development, delivery, and assessment of the Asking Different Questions research training program. Applications are due November 3. The Asking Different Questions program teaches insights from feminist, indigenous, and critical race science & technology studies to various research fields. Specific fields of focus for 2022 will be health equity, climate change and sustainability.

Two Faculty Appointed Interim Co-Directors

The Feminist Research Institute is pleased to introduce Professor Dawn Sumner and Professor Colleen Clancy as interim co-directors of FRI. We are confident they will provide strong leadership and advocacy this year. Our previous faculty director, Dr. Kalindi Vora, is currently serving as a visiting professor of Ethnicity, Race, and Migration, and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Yale University.

The New Knowledge Creators

At the Feminist Research Institute, we believe in a future of justice and inclusivity, and in a knowledge base made more impactful by intersectional research. And we think this approach to research is a little bit radical.

Thanks Not Goodbye

Many of you know and have received support for your scholarship from Dr. Kalindi Vora. For four years, Dr. Vora served as faculty director of the Feminist Research Institute and was instrumental in growing our mission-driven programming.

“There are countless individuals on campus who benefit from Dr. Vora’s support, leadership and knowledge. We at FRI know we are not alone when we say that she’s made many lasting contributions to her field and campus,” said Associate Director Sarah McCullough.

Apply to the Fall 2021 Asking Different Questions Program

The Feminist Research Institute will be offering the research training series, Asking Different Questions in Fall 2021 on Wednesdays from 12-1:30 pm. While the program targets UC Davis graduate students and postdocs, we are letting in a limited number of UCD undergraduate students, faculty and research staff. Researchers from other institutions may apply as well and join for a fee of $1,000 (discounts for those with financial need available). This program will take place virtually.