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Future Faces of Research: Yutikaa Saini

FRI's Future Faces of Research series features the voices of undergraduate students writing about their experiences doing justice and equity focused research.

Asking Different Questions in Climate Sciences

Asking Different Questions in Climate Sciences will be offered Spring 2023 as a 4-credit seminar (STS 298) on Wednesdays at 12:10 - 3pm (P/NP).   Any lasting solution to climate change must account for historical and ongoing inequities created through structures of oppression. This is true whether one is studying global issues or local impacts.    This seminar provides researchers with the intellectual tools to weave considerations of justice and equity into their research agenda and practices.

The Feminist Health Justice Collective: Building a Meta-Syllabus

Around 2020, public syllabi or “hashtag syllabus” projects began circulating on social media platforms. These emerged as a means of engaging collectively with racial justice and the COVID-19 pandemic, among other topics. During this period, the Feminist Health Justice Collective (FHJC) — a group of students, faculty, and community members — came together to consider how to amplify and scale up the work of the public syllabus.

Standing in Solidarity

The UC Davis Feminist Research Institute seeks to change research culture to be more equitable and just. Key to achieving this is a livable wage and inclusive working conditions for all members of the research community. This is why FRI supports and stands in solidarity with the graduate students, postdocs, and academic student workers represented by UAW 2865, UAW 5810, and SRU-UAW in their strike. 

FRI is hiring for 2023

The Feminist Research Institute is hiring two graduate student researchers and two student assistants for Winter and/or Spring 2023. We encourage applicants with expertise in justice-based responses to systems of oppression. These expertise can come from lived experience, academic training, activist/advocacy work, or other professional training.   Equity in the Granting Process One GSR is sought to work on an equity evaluation of research contracts at the California Air Resource Board.

Future Faces of Research

FRI is proud to present Future Faces of Research. This new series features the voices of undergraduate students writing about their experiences doing justice and equity focused research. The inaugural piece is written by Ellie Legg, FRI undergraduate researcher.

Workshopping Our Values

What values define the way the Feminist Research Institute strives to operate? This was the question the FRI team explored this past year. We landed on three words: humility, collaboration and liberation. These emerged from a process modeling the methods of Max Liborion’s CLEAR Lab, an anti-colonial & feminist lab. We started by sharing stories about a moment that made us glad to be a part of FRI or another learning/activist/professional community.

Calling for 2022-2023 Undergraduate Board Applications

The UC Davis Feminist Research Institute (FRI) is now accepting applications from undergraduates to apply to our Undergraduate Research Board. New members will be joining current members to promote and participate in feminist research. FRI collaborates across disciplines in creating empowering research rooted in social justice and equity. We invite undergraduates to apply to be apart of our advisory board to grow the impact of feminist research amongst undergraduates.

Undergraduates will have the opportunity to:

Environmental Justice Leaders Program Applications Open

Community organizers, advocates, and practitioners from across the country are invited to apply to take part in the second year of the UC Davis Environmental Justice Leaders in Residence Program (formally EJ Fellowship Program). EJ leaders from across the country will work on a project of benefit to their community in partnership with researchers. Participants will network with elected officials, policymakers, and industry leaders.

EJ Leaders selected to this program can expect to

Performative vs. Authentic Equity Work

Transportation equity is a priority for agencies across California. This policy brief, conducted by FRI Associate Director Sarah McCullough and C. Sequoia Erasmus, highlights the importance of distinguishing between performative and authentic equity work.