Asking Different Questions

A Feminist Science of Mars is Possible

In this excerpted interview, Interim Co-Director Dawn Sumner (professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences) and Asking Different Questions scholar Maya Cruz (PhD candidate in Cultural Studies and Science and Technology Studies) explore the cultural and scientific significance of a viral image of Mars. Chiefly, how can we continue to center questions of care, responsibility and accountability in our scientific practices?

Kalindi Vora and Sarah McCullough on Antiracist Approaches to STS

Director Kalindi Vora and Associate Director Sarah McCullough had the opportunity to share recent FRI work with attendees at the second STS Futures panel discussion. You can watch their talk, "The Science We Are For: Feminist Antiracist STS Approaches to STEM," which explores the origins and goals of the Asking Different Questions research training program, as well as other emerging research in the field.

Apply to the Second Asking Different Questions Scholars Program

UC Davis graduate students can apply now to participate in the Asking Different Questions Scholars program for Spring Quarter 2021. This quarter-long research training workshop is grounded in a commitment to social justice, and welcomes researchers who seek to better incorporate their values into their scholarship. Programming will take place on Fridays from 12-1:30 pm.

Asking Different Questions Research Grant Call for Proposals

Asking Different Questions Scholars and Seminar Participants Research Grant Call for Proposals

The Feminist Research Institute welcomes proposals for research, discussion groups, events, workshops, or other projects that applies the material in the Asking Different Questions research training series or the Asking Different Questions seminar.

Eligible applicants must:

New Graduate Seminar in Asking Different Questions

Join Feminist Research Institute Director Kalindi Vora and enroll in WMS 201, a graduate seminar Winter 2020 about how to integrate social justice values into scientific research design. Graduate students from all fields are welcome!

WMS 201:  Asking Different Questions: Feminist approaches to scientific research and design

Thursdays 2:10-5pm
CRN: 44279
Instructor: Dr. Kalindi Vora