Beyond Health: Current Research Theme

Health is increasingly at the forefront of contemporary political and scholarly debates. Issues such as health care access, the impact of climate change on life-sustaining food and water systems, and the unequal distribution of morbidity and mortality across communities have emerged as era-defining challenges. The Feminist Research Institute seeks to create more impactful and justice-oriented knowledge by cultivating research collaborations across disciplines and across communities around the many challenges we face in addressing these and other health-related issues.

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Feminist Collaboratory

Feminist thought and practice has the potential to change what we know and how we act to produce a better, more just world. The Feminist Collaboratory puts these possibilities into action.

Asking Different Questions

ADQ integrates feminist training into existing curriculum at the K-12, undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels, and studies its efficacy. Feminist practices can improve the impact, reach, and inclusivity of research and teaching by offering tools oriented toward criticality, reflexivity, and bringing about a more just world. Our current focus is on integrating feminist research into graduate education to help STEM fields to ask different questions.

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