What is Feminist Futures? Our 2019-20 theme.

Feminist futures imagine and seek to create a better world. To do this, we must study the world as it is to better understand how systems of oppression operate. Feminist futures move between studying, dreaming, and doing. We study the world with a critical lens cut by encounters with oppression and polished by hope for a better future. We dream of a world of thriving, rather than precariousness. And we take action to bring those visions to fruition. 

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Feminist Collaboratory

Feminist thought and practice has the potential to change what we know and how we act to produce a better, more just world. The Feminist Collaboratory puts these possibilities into action.

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Feminist Pedagogy, Unlimited

Feminist Pedagogy integrates feminist training into existing curriculum at the K-12, undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels, and studies its efficacy. Feminist practices can improve the impact, reach, and inclusivity of research and teaching by offering tools oriented toward criticality, reflexivity, and bringing about a more just world. Our current focus is on integrating feminist research into graduate education to help STEM fields to ask different questions.