What is Feminist Research?

The What is Feminist Research? Initiative explores specific examples of feminist research in action at UC Davis and beyond.

Video Series

The video series features feminist scholars sharing the meaning of their research. Watch the entire series featuring interviews with Alondra Nelson, Georgiann Davis, Gargi Sen, and many more.

Most Recent:  Jeanelle Hope (8/29/18)   

Most Viewed:  Sara Ahmed (6/6/18)    


Video Series to date:

Jeanelle Hope            8/29/18           https://youtu.be/wQs6bfpZilA

Leslie Quintanilla and Jennifer Mogannam     8/2/18        https://youtu.be/62HhGHzLD2A   

Renae Ryan                 7/27/18           https://youtu.be/mNmtUpDJDFY

Natasha Myers            7/12/18            https://youtu.be/XU6jtRG56cM

Lisa Ikemoto                7/4/18             https://youtu.be/9DJVHnDMXvk

Karen Tongson            7/4/18             https://youtu.be/SR7M7G6Iu4k

Dean Spade                6/21/18            https://youtu.be/WEuOK2qofVA

Tristan Josephson      6/21/18            https://youtu.be/-XJ1jtixuxA

Quimera Rosa             6/21/18            https://youtu.be/QODFSgzCr08

Dawn Sumner             6/21/18            https://youtu.be/PWhYQIpBOyk

Sara Ahmed               6/6/18              https://youtu.be/djc8TEUhPiA

Annie Sprinkles         4/19/18             https://youtu.be/LugSeIWfRuc

Kathryn Moeller         4/19/18             https://youtu.be/T2yVL55q1l4

Gargi Sen                   3/21/18             https://youtu.be/A8kYKOwkjk4

Georgiann Davis        1/24/18            https://youtu.be/1heJz6k1BYs

Alondra Nelson         11/22/17            https://youtu.be/cIzgK7PouCQ


Dialogue Series

The Feminist Dialogue Series engages UC Davis feminist scholars in a conversation about their research in an open environment welcoming to all. This series is co-hosted with the Women’s Resource and Research Center.

The Dialogue Series has featured:

Unpacking Sustainability: World System Position, the Washington Consensus, and Overshoot 
Clare Cannon, Assistant Professor of Human Ecology, UC Davis

Environmental Policy and Native Activism
Beth Rose Middleton, Associate Professor of Native American Studies, UC Davis 

Feminist Approaches to Studying Migration

  • Natalia Deeb-Sossa, Associate Professor in Department of Chicana/o Studies 
  • Marc Schenker, Distinguished Professor of Epidemiology and Environmental and Occupational Health in the Department of Public Health Sciences
  • Cristina Pérez, Mellon-ACLS Visiting Assistant Professor in Comparative Border Studies