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Spring Research Training Series: Asking Different Questions

Join FRI and the Asking Different Questions research training program in Spring 2021. This quarter-long workshop is grounded in a commitment to social justice, and welcomes researchers who seek to better incorporate their values into their scholarship. Programming will take place on Fridays from 12-12:30 pm during Spring Quarter. Register here.

The attrition of BIPOC (Black & Indigenous People of color) from STEM disciplines, as well as severe gaps in research and knowledge that disproportionately harm BIPOC, are a mandate to improve research culture and the knowledge it produces. The Asking Different Questions research training will help participants rethink how norms are replicated and how research questions are determined -- necessary steps to creating more diverse STEM fields. ADQ Scholars will have explicit conversations about research culture and practices and learn how to integrate the experiences and values of those historically excluded from the university.

Workshop dates and topics:

April 9: Identity and Belonging in Science
April 16: Identifying Bias in Scientific Research and Training
April 23: Making More Accurate Knowledge
April 30: Moving from Asking Different Questions to Action-Oriented Change
May 7: Re-structuring Studying Race and Gender
May 14: Valuing Community Expertise in Research
May 21: Militarism, Surveillance, and Academic Research
May 28: Toxic Landscapes, Environmental Justice, and Health Inequities
Faculty interested in joining a discussion group immediately after the sessions, please contact Sarah McCullough.
Discussion guides are available for those who wish to dig deeper into these topics with their lab or research community. Sign up here to receive the guides.

You can view the first inaugural Asking Different Questions research training series, which happened in Fall 2020, on YouTube.

To learn more about the inspiration of this project, check out Deboleena Roy's work and essay on Asking Different Questions: Feminist Practices for Natural Sciences.

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