Environmental Justice Fellowship Closing Event

The 2021-22 EJ Fellows and leadership team dressed in formal attire standing smiling.

Event Date

UC Davis International Center

The 2021-22 UC Davis Environmental Justice Fellowship Program is excited to invite you to the closing ceremony of its inaugural year. The 10 Environmental Justice (EJ) Fellows will visit the UC Davis campus for a final time to share their experiences, projects, and milestones throughout this program. As the inaugural cohort for this program, EJ Fellows have helped establish the foundation for future participants, and will mint their legacy with the unveiling of the official logo for the program. Join us to celebrate the official closing of the EJ Fellowship program inaugural year. Register here.


2:00: Opening Remarks

2:15: Transportation Equity

3:00: Energy & Electrification

3:45: Community Driven Policy

4:30 Closing Ceremony

5:00: Reception