Fiamma Montezemolo: Border Echoes

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Hart Hall 3201

Hemispheric Institute of the Americas presents

Border Echoes

Fiamma Montezemolo

Associate Professor Fiamma Montezemolo will present a video on the border between Mexico and the USA titled Echo. Echo is an ethnographic research on the after life and "echoes" of 9 art works that have been part of the two decade old public art event called inSite. It highlights the procedures of intrusion at work in such a site as the US-Mexico border as well as the now canonical deployment of the emblematic figure of fieldwork.

By revisiting the scenes of these curatorial and artistic interventions, "echo" emerges both as a concept and a practice that assembles the futures of art works beyond its expected ruins and remains.

Each work/artist and afterlife/echo of those works after the artists finish them and leaves or focuses on another work raise different and enriching questions on social art, on its ethics, on the methods, on the people involved in the projects, on the city itself and its urban cycle, on the future of public sculpture.