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Hart Hall 3201

UC Davis Cultural Studies Colloquium

The Sovereign Lapse: Mediality of the Hunger Strike Form as a Political Medium

Dr. Özge Serin | Professor of Politics at Whitman College

A discussion of histories of radical politics, formations of political subjectivity, and carceral cultures with particular focus on the ontological structure of hunger striking.

Dr. Özge Serin, professor of politics at Whitman College, is a cultural anthro-pologist who received her PhD from Columbia University in 2015, Dr. Serin’s current book manuscript, entitled Writing of Death: Ethics and Politics of the Death Fast in Turkey, explores the fold or point of inflection where the material space of dying and the symbolic space of politics converge, and poses the question of the mediality of the hunger strike as a political medium. Dr. Serin is the recipient of a number of awards and fellowships, including Harry Frank Gug-genheim Dissertation Award, The Interdisciplinary Center for Innovative Theory and Empirics An-drew Mellon Fellowship, and Columbia University Middle East Institute Dissertation Fellowship.

This event is sponsored by DHI, Cultural Studies, Religious Studies, Study of Religion Graduate Group, & Anthropology