Past Initiatives

The Feminist Research Institute actively funds yearly opportunities to support UC Davis faculty and graduate students across the campus. Funding for seed grants and graduate fellowships closed in the 2018-19 academic year.

Seed Grants 

The FRI Seed Grant Competition invites proposals from UC Davis faculty for collaborative projects that use feminist approaches to engage in transformative, trans-disciplinary research. Seed grant funding may be used to develop a promising idea, pilot-test a method, gather preliminary data, further an ongoing collaboration, or otherwise provide support that will improve a project’s chance of receiving external funding. Proposals are encouraged that involve collaboration with faculty from more than one college/school. The Seed Grant provides up to $10,000 for UC Davis Academic Senate or Academic Federation faculty.


Graduate Student Summer Research Grants 

The Graduate Summer Research Fellowship invites proposals from UC Davis graduate students for summer funding whose work engages with feminism or takes a feminist approach in their research. Projects should seek to realize the potential of feminism to ask new questions, develop new methodologies, provoke innovative practices, create new connections, reach out to communities, and engage new audiences.


Working Group Grants 

Working groups are an opportunity for members of the UC Davis community to engage in ongoing dialogue about a specific topic, conversation, intervention, or application of feminist research. Groups are expected to meet a minimum of four times during the academic year. The program is open to groups composed of faculty members, staff and/or graduate students that traverse degree programs and disciplines. Each group must have at least one faculty member who serves as the group’s sponsor.