What is Feminist Research: Quimera Rosa

Quimera Rosa

Quimera Rosa’s approach to feminist research emphasizes a transversality and embodiment that challenge fixed notions of identity, scientific objectivity, and epistemic universality.  They use art as a medium with which to build collaborative relations between feminist arts and science.  Locating a foundational dualism of Western thinking in the constructed boundary between nature and culture, Quimera Rosa works to deconstruct this normative dualism through the notion of the cyborg.

Quimera Rosa (Pink Chimera) is a lab that experiments on bodies, technologies, and identities.  Their aim is to develop practices able to produce non-natural cyborg identities from a transdisciplinary perspective.  http://quimerarosa.net/

Video production: Lena El-Gabalawy
Interviewer: Lena El-Gabalawy
Video Publication Date: 6/21/18