The 2021-22 EJ Fellows and leadership team dressed in formal attire standing smiling.

Environmental Justice Leaders

The Environmental Justice Leaders program brings leaders working in environmental justice into dialogue and collaboration with the UC Davis research community. Leaders conduct research that benefits the community they serve, utilizing the expertise and resources at UC Davis. They are also participating in seminars, visiting classes, and speaking to the research community. The program is a collaboration between FRI, the Institute for Transportation Studies, and the Energy Efficiency Institute.

Meet the Current Leaders

Gifts to the EJ Leaders Program

Gifts to the EJ Leaders Program supports a variety of activities which include:

  • Stipends for the participating EJ leaders and their home organizations. These leaders and their organizations need to be compensated for their time and this funding provides critical capacity building to these smaller nonprofits and advocacy organizations.
  • Workshops, conferences, and webinars on a wide range of topics
  • Support for engagement with faculty working on projects that relates to their topic of interest
  • Opportunities for UC Davis graduate students to help support specific community needs
  • Engagement in the policy-sphere, funding to attend briefs, hearings and other related events
  • Supporting the development of a convening platform for open dialogue on critical transportation issues

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