Environmental Justice Leaders

Introducing the 2024 Environmental Justice Leaders

We are thrilled to introduce the third cohort of the Environmental Justice Leaders Program! For the 2024 cohort, six leaders across California were selected to participate in a knowledge exchange with UC Davis researchers. The Leaders are very committed and passionate about creating change in their communities and come with many years of doing the work on the ground! This year’s theme is mobility justice, focusing on matters of emerging transportation and energy and their intersection with racial equity. 

Thank You to the CITRIS Workforce Innovation Program Summer Interns!

This summer, the Feminist Research Institute had the wonderful opportunity to host four undergraduate interns from UC Davis and UC Berkeley. As part of the Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS) Workforce Innovation Program, Corinne Nicholson, Luna Hohner-Shields, Jennifer Lainez, and Ijada Nguyen worked under Dr.

Current Environmental Justice Leaders


Iesha Baldwin

Iesha Baldwin is a global goal developer and a PIN Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics Fellow for Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute and Freudenberg-NOK, a global manufacturer. She is passionate about creating stronger rural workforces through education and training programs for manufacturers and schools.


Reducing Energy Burden and Creating Just Energy Futures

With summer here, many are dealing with rising gas prices and high electricity bills. This is particularly stressful for families on a tight budget who can’t afford electric vehicles or new energy-saving appliances. Alec Castellano and Diamond Spratling, two participants in this year's UC Davis Environmental Justice (EJ) Leaders cohort, are working towards electric vehicle adoption and combating rising energy costs within communities of color.