Video screen capture of EJ Leaders Program introductory video, showing Selika Talbott, co-director of the program

Power in Knowing: Environmental Justice Leaders Video Series

We are excited to announce the release of a video series on Environmental Justice (EJ) Leaders. The series features the latest cohort of EJ Leaders; eight community members throughout the country working to bridge the gap between academic research and community work in an effort to fight environmental injustices.

Each passionate individual is showcased in a separate video, released every week in August and September, highlighting their background and outstanding work in EJ. The program emphasizes the importance of community-based research, lived experiences and collaboration to address problems which frontline communities are facing. As opposed to an extractive research process, our EJ leaders and researchers share knowledge, resources, and power to establish more equitable solutions.

“This is a co-learning experience. The researchers learn from the EJ Leaders the real impacts of climate change, of the future of transportation, of these energy transitions – what those really look like on the ground.” – Sarah Rebolloso McCullough, Co-Director

As stated by Katia Carranza, current EJ Leader, “there is power in knowing” the injustices of our communities. Each leader’s work is meant to uplift historically disregarded voices. Their areas of interests tackle systems that can mask the true experiences of marginalized communities.

“Environmental Justice work is hard. It is transformational and disruptive.” – Selika Josiah Talbott, Co-Director

Stay tuned for the release of the full video series this summer to hear each Leader’s story and motivation for the work they do. 

Want to stay involved? The EJ Leaders will return for their final presentations in Davis and Sacramento on October 5th and 6th, concluding this year’s EJ Leaders Program. 

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