Event Co-Sponsorship

Stacey Ritz stands at a podium speaking

The Feminist Research Institute (FRI) provides co-sponsorship funds for events that contribute to our mission of promoting feminist research at UC Davis. Our mission is to realize the potential of feminism to transform academic research to meet today’s pressing social and scientific challenges. We support collaborative, transdisciplinary projects that ask new questions, use new methodologies, and engage new audiences across all disciplines. FRI especially encourages programming that aligns with our major initiatives and annual theme. The annual theme for 2018-19 is “Cultivating a Climate for Justice.”

Events may include conferences, symposia, guest lectures, workshops, and other academic events. Requests for $100 or less will receive a response within two weeks. Larger requests may take up to a month. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, with a limited amount of funding available, so please apply early. Please send completed form along with any additional supporting information (draft flier, program, agenda, speaker CV, etc.) to fri@ucdavis.edu.

If you are interested in discussing a collaboration with FRI that is more sustained that event co-sponsorship, please contact us.