Visiting Scholars Program

Call for Applications

2019-2020 Visiting Scholars Program

The UC Davis Feminist Research Institute (FRI) invites applications for its newly established Visiting Scholars Program. FRI is a collaborative, trans-disciplinary hub for exploring how gender, sexuality, race, and other social structures inform the design, execution, and interpretation of research. FRI builds deep collaboration as a mode of empowering research that moves us towards social justice and equity. The results are collaborative, transdisciplinary projects that ask new questions, use new methodologies, and engage new audiences.

The Visiting Scholars Program is designed to support researchers and creators who would benefit from temporary institutional affiliation with FRI and UC Davis and who are working on a project aligned with our four key values of producing feminist knowledge that is intersectional, inclusive, justice-oriented, and transformative. Visiting Scholars will receive library privileges, access to shared work space with internet, institutional affiliation and email. FRI will also help connect Visiting Scholars with FRI affiliates and scholars who work on related research and host an event highlighting their work. Special consideration will be given to those applicants whose work relates to our 2019-2020 theme, “Feminist Futures.” This theme points towards the need to engage in research practices that imagine a more just world and move us in that direction. Feminists of color along with indigenous and queer scholars, writers, and artists all recognize the importance of envisioning the world toward which we want to grow. Their work draws upon histories of resistance in order to engage in forward-looking speculative practices that often challenge traditional models of progress and innovation. We seek projects that draw upon this tradition and engage in creative and collaborative research practices that create livable futures for the most vulnerable in our society.

Junior and senior faculty, graduate students, independent scholars and artists are all eligible to apply. Applicants from abroad must hold a J1 visa. Visiting scholars must provide their own financial support and housing throughout their time with FRI. Applications should be submitted via email to by May 31, 2019 and should include:

  1. Application form (see attached)
  2. Curriculum vitae or resume
  3. Research or project description (500 words maximum): Include detailed description of proposed project, including relevance to FRI’s core values (see website) and Feminist Futures theme (if relevant), and what you hope to accomplish during the duration of your affiliation with FRI.

Contact for more information.

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