Feminism, Justice and Transformation Art Exhibit Call for Participants

Yellow backgound with geometric shapes with words Feminism, Justice, Transformtion in foreground

The Feminist Research Institute is calling all UC Davis students to partake in an upcoming art exhibition!

We are interested in creating an artistic platform for undergraduate students at UC Davis to engage with feminist research as it pertains to intersectionality, inclusivity, justice, and transformation. Students will have the opportunity to showcase their work in the context of these key elements, reaching the broader community through their artistic message as they engage with feminism. Potential topics for artists to address include environmental, racial, and reproductive justice, and other transformative, collective projects.

We ask that submissions be limited to a non-digital format due to space limitations. However, 2D and 3D works are welcome.

Submission Guidelines:  (Closed on April 12)  Please submit no more than three 3 high-quality jpeg images of the work and a description that includes dimensions and medium, in order (e.g. File 1, File 2, File 3). File names must be last name_first name_year in school.

 Applicants must also submit an artistic statement of 300 words or less and a short answer to the following question: How does this piece speak to the theme of this exhibit--feminism, justice, and transformation?

Submission closed on Friday, April 12.