Explaining the #BeyondHealth Research Theme

Whose health matters?

How do we leverage “health” in order to create more just and equitable futures?

What are the limitations or dangers of doing so?

What is health and what does it do for our imaginations to think through that framing? How does an issue become understood as a health issue? What is at stake in defining an issue as a health issue? How does framing an issue as a health issue shape who is called to the discussion, who is left out, and who is positioned as having answers?

And finally, what would it mean to think beyond health?

These questions animated the selection of our 2020-21 research theme, Beyond Health. In a short video interview, FRI Director Kalindi Vora and Program Manager Anna Ward introduce how the FRI Collaboratory of scholars are examining the theme.

For more information on the Collaboratory and the Beyond Health research project, visit the project page.

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