Institutionalization and Political Struggles for Justice

Photo: audience view of panelists beneath slide that reads, "What are the consequences and possibilities of institutionalizing social justice within the university?"
Attendees engage in dialogue with panelists at the "Administration and Diversity in the Public University: A Feminist Conversation Symposium" on April 4. Photo: Scott Tsuchitani

In a feature story for the Davis Humanities Institute, Ashley Serpa reports on FRI's "Administration and Diversity in the Public University" event that took place on April 4.

How do we contend with the “institutionalization of political struggles for justice?” In the symposium “Administration and Diversity in the Public University: A Feminist Conversation” hosted by the UC Davis Feminist Research Institute, scholars across the University of California considered this question and others. With the hiring of a new Vice Chancellor of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, one panel asked: “what do the histories of establishing social-justice motivated departments and programs have to teach us now looking forward?”

–Ashley Serpa, DHI Graduate Student Researcher and PhD Candidate in History

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