Clockwise from left to right: Colleen Sargent, Micaella Sanchez, Nellie Graham, Roella Pineda
Clockwise from left to right: Colleen Sargent, Micaella Sanchez, Nellie Graham, Roella Pineda

Introducing New Student Staff

The Feminist Research Institute is proud to welcome two undergraduates and two graduate student researchers to our student staff.

Portrait of Micaella against hanging plants and greenery

Micaella Sanchez, joining us as undergraduate staff in the FRI office, is currently a third-year undergraduate, doubling majoring in Psychology and Art History and minoring Sexuality Studies. She is interested in applying the arts to psychological and feminist research to promote mindfulness and mental health. Currently, she is a research assistant for Dr. Cameila Hostinar’s Social Environment & Stress Lab (SES); the SES Lab focuses on understanding how the life experiences of children and adolescents shape their reactions to stress and their health. Micaella is very enthusiastic about joining the Feminist Research Institute as a student assistant to be a liaison between undergraduate students and FRI.  

Portrait of Roella, wearing a hat, against a field of sunflowers

Roella L. Pineda is a senior pursuing a double major in Psychology and Science and Technology at UC Davis. She is a Filipinx-American. She interns at the Feminist Research Institute, and she is a part of the Data Studies Project. She also interns for the Bulosan Center, and she is part of the Pinayism & Filipina Feminist Team. She grew up in the Bay Area. She is a first generation, transfer, and reentry student. She spent her gap year between community college and a four-year university by interning at a tech company. In that internship, she experienced hands-on how technology, data, and metrics affect the decisions that a team or company makes.  She aspires to pursue a career in data research, data policy making, and/or being data advocate in the tech field. In her free time, she likes doing yoga, reading/watching Avatar Universe, cooking, running virtual marathons, and hiking scenic routes especially in Yosemite or places with waterfalls.

Portrait of Nellie Graham against greenery

Nellie Graham is a first year masters student in the Community Development Graduate Program, focusing on climate resilience and health equity in the built environment. At the Feminist Research Institute, she works as a Graduate Student Researcher on the Mentoring Across the UCs project. Before coming to the Feminist Research Institute she worked in reproductive health research and immigrant rights organizations. Nellie is excited to join the FRI team and continue working on intersectional, transformative research. 

Portrait of Colleen Sargent, wearing a scarf and posed against a blue sky

Colleen Sargent is a second year graduate student in the Sociology PhD program who studies gender, sexuality, reproduction, and family. Colleen is excited to join the Feminist Research Institute as a Graduate Student Researcher, which allows her to develop key focus group research skills and contribute to the development of two antiracist and feminist training series for faculty in the UCD Health system. She is a member of the Feminist Theory graduate designated emphasis, and is passionate about qualitative research! When she is not working at the FRI or interviewing parents and midwives for her sociological study of home birth, Colleen is probably baking something chocolatey, reading poetry, or enjoying an outdoor run in the UCD arboretum.

Please join us in welcoming Colleen, Nellie, Roella and Micaella.