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New Course - WMS 201: Asking Different Questions

Feminist Research Institute Director Kalindi Vora will be teaching a graduate seminar Winter 2020 about how to integrate feminist approaches into scientific research design. Graduate students from all fields are welcome!

WMS 201:  Asking Different Questions: Feminist approaches to scientific research and design

Thursdays 2:10-5pm
Hart Hall 1208
CRN: 76861
Instructor: Dr. Kalindi Vora

This ten week course guides participants in 1) conceptualizing their research problem through feminist commitments to justice, 2) completing a research design incorporating feminist methods and approaches and 3) building support for potential challenges in future research practice following the course.

Each week, the curriculum offers tools and models, including case studies, of research applications in STEM for feminist approaches. Feminist approaches are defined as improving objective outcomes and community benefits through incorporating multiple perspectives into each stage of the research design process. These perspectives will be specific to each project, but include stakeholders in the research outcomes. Students will learn to design research projects that achieve results that will both make significant contributions to their research field while also being committed to social justice outcomes.

Course materials include research articles in feminist science and technology studies, a pocket reference guide for feminist technoscience research practice, and online participatory modules created for student-instructor interaction. This course may meet NSF public outreach or education requirements - contact instructor or graduate advisor for more information.

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