Black Lives Matter protest in Vancouver
Photo by Flickr user GoToVan

Racial Justice Statement & Resources

FRI stands in solidarity with those protesting structural racism and the ongoing history of anti-Black structural violence in the US. Feminist research is invested in understanding and critiquing the systems of power that allow for its continued abuses.

We encourage you to further your reading and learning on this topic. Some resources:

Alex S. Vitale’s 2007 book The End of Policing is available for free online, and is one good place to start for a structural critique of policing.

Many good reading lists are also circulating online, including Reading Towards Abolition: A Reading List on Policing, Rebellion, and the Criminalization of Blackness, as well as the Anti-Racism Resource Guide created by Tasha K.

If you want to support local protesters, NorCal Resist is providing bail assistance and operating a ICE bond fund.