Jeanelle Hope

What is Feminist Research: Jeanelle Hope

Cultural Studies doctoral candidate Jeanelle Hope is researching the role black women artists play in combatting gentrification in the Oak Park neighborhood of Sacramento.  Hope places gentrification in a greater historical context of a racial resegregation that has been ongoing since deindustrialization.  Employing oral history methodology, Hope looks at how several black women ‘artivists’—including poet and visual artist Delgreta Brown, muralist Aliyah Sidque, and Brickhouse Art Gallery owner Miss Barbara—mix art and activism together in service of community in their cultural work.

Jeanelle Hope is a PhD Candidate in Cultural Studies at the University of California Davis. She has also served as the Graduate Student Assistant to the Dean and Chancellor and the Co-founder of the Women/Non-Binary People of Color Scholars Inclusion Project.

Video production: Lena El-Gabalawy
Interviewer: Amanda Modell
Video Publication Date: 8/29/18

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