Rock Against Racism: 1976-1981 and Beyond

UC Davis Cultural Studies Colloquium ROCK AGAINST RACISM: 1976-1981 AND BEYOND

Between 1976 and 1981 the Rock Against Racism Movement (RAR) confronted the chronic rise of racism in Britain through demonstrations, gigs, festivals and design. Syd Shelton was a London committee member of RAR.

Serena Williams’ Catsuit and #BlackMommaMagic

September 24, 2018

In “Serena Williams’ Catsuit and #BlackMommaMagic: Speaking Back Through Fashion,” published today in Dismantle, Sarah Rebolloso McCullough brings a feminist sports studies lens to recent controversies surrounding Serena Williams’ tennis attire, and situates them in a historical context that dates back centuries.

What is Feminist Research: Jeanelle Hope

August 29, 2018

Cultural Studies doctoral candidate Jeanelle Hope is researching the role black women artists play in combatting gentrification in the Oak Park neighborhood of Sacramento.  Hope places gentrification in a greater historical context of a racial resegregation that has been ongoing since deindustrialization.