What is Feminist Research

What is Feminist Research: Tristan Josephson

June 21, 2018

Tristan Josephson discusses feminism, Trans Studies, and Trans/feminism.  Josephson brings a social justice perspective to researching how the state classifies transgender immigrants in asylum law, marriage, citizenship, and immigrant detention.  By taking a social justice approach to academic research, trans/feminist scholars provide helpful frameworks for thinking about how to challenge state violence and marginalization on the basis of gender, sexuality, race, and immigration status.

What is Feminist Research: Quimera Rosa

June 21, 2018

Quimera Rosa’s approach to feminist research emphasizes a transversality and embodiment that challenge fixed notions of identity, scientific objectivity, and epistemic universality.  They use art as a medium with which to build collaborative relations between feminist arts and science.  Locating a foundational dualism of Western thinking in the constructed boundary between nature and culture, Quimera Rosa works to deconstruct this normative dualism through the notion of the cyborg.

What is Feminist Research: Dawn Sumner

June 21, 2018

Scientist Dawn Sumner shares how she came to be involved with FRI and her views on the value and importance of feminist research in the natural and physical sciences.  By expanding the place for feminist research and theory in science, Sumner asserts, we can dramatically improve the “advancement, understanding and vitality of science as a human endeavor.”

What is Feminist Research: Sara Ahmed

June 06, 2018

Sara Ahmed discusses feminism's commitment to changing the world by developing an understanding of, and intervening in, power relations.  Ahmed emphasizes the need to explode universalism in order to create a world where people have more room to live in accordance with their own wishes.

What is Feminist Research: Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens

April 19, 2018

Artist-scholars Sprinkle and Stephens introduce the concept of ecosexuality and discuss the importance of pleasure and play in the exploration of new visions of feminism.  

What is Feminist Research: Kathryn Moeller

April 19, 2018

Professor Moeller discusses her feminist research on corporate power and the role of difference in the construction of the global economy. Through the example of “the Girl Effect,” Moeller looks at the ways corporate investment masks the targeting of young women of color through the use of coded, race-neutral language, as part of a larger expansion of corporate power over new populations, institutions, and geographies.

What is Feminist Research: Gargi Sen

March 21, 2018

For filmmaker Gargi Sen, feminism provides a lens through which to look at the ways power operates in the world and see how it can be transformed.  Here Sen discusses how her approach to social justice filmmaking has grown more open-ended and relational since her initial involvement in the early 1990s, and emphasizes the need for collaboration between artists and academics in times of crisis.

What is Feminist Research: Georgiann Davis

January 24, 2018

Scholar activist Davis defines feminist research in terms of dismantling power, promoting change, and responding to the needs of participants, and shares what it means to be a public professor and an intersex ally.