Collaboratory Fellows Program for Graduate Students

Call for Applications

2019-2020 Theme: Feminist Futures

The UC Davis Feminist Research Institute (FRI) is now accepting applications for its 2019-2020 Collaboratory Fellows Program for graduate students. This program supports graduate students engaging in feminist collaboration that exemplifies FRI’s four values of inclusivity, intersectionality, justice, and transformation. We are particularly interested in collaborations that challenge traditional hierarchies of knowledge. Collaborations could include feminist-informed community-based research, productions or events, team science, convergence research, or research exploring citational and/or archival practices as collaboration. This program is designed to support graduate students with fully formed research projects or who are drawing on already established collaborations.

Projects should also address the 2019-2020 theme “Feminist Futures.” This theme points towards the need to engage in research practices that imagine a more just world and move us in that direction. Feminists of color along with indigenous and queer scholars, writers, and artists all recognize the importance of envisioning the world toward which we want to grow. Their work draws upon histories of resistance in order to engage in forward-looking speculative practices that often challenge traditional models of progress and innovation. We seek projects that draw upon this tradition and engage in creative and collaborative research practices that create livable futures for the most vulnerable in our society.

All Collaboratory Fellows will participate in seminars sharing their research and exploring the theme “Feminist Futures.” They will also work with FRI to create a publicly-accessible piece about their work, such as a report, video, podcast, op-ed, white paper, policy brief, article, or graphic. Fellows will also have the opportunity to work with FRI to plan events that complement their collaborative research.

Graduate students are eligible for $2,000 in funding to be used between June 2019 and May 2020. Only UC Davis graduate students working on terminal degrees are eligible. Applications should be submitted via InfoReady by May 13, 2019 and should include:

  1. Curriculum vitae
  2. Project description (500 words maximum): Detailed description of proposed project, including any relevant prior experience or research that will inform this project
  3. Statement explaining the relevancy of the project to FRI’s values and the theme “Feminist Futures” (250 words maximum)

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