Feminist Research Institute Looks to Bridge Gap between Humanistic and Scientific Sides of UC Davis

FRI seed grant faculty panel 2017

In her opening remarks at the Feminist Research Institute symposium, “Feminist Research Across the Disciplines,” Interim Director Laura Grindstaff noted that feminist scholarship has had minimal impact on the STEM disciplines compared to social sciences and humanities ...

read the full article by Lisa Howard at research.ucdavis.edu/about-us/news-center/news-stories/feminist-humanistic-scientific/

Additionally, Howard profiles FRI Board Member Lisa Ikemoto and her work on CRIPSR/Cas9 as part of the FRI seed grant. [May 18, 2017] research.ucdavis.edu/about-us/news-center/news-stories/ethics-crispr/

CRISPR/Cas-9 is a powerful new gene modification technology that has the capability to change the genome of any living species, including humans. As part of a seed grant from the Feminist Research Institute, four UC Davis faculty are looking at the implications of this brave new world and developing a feminist framework for the ethics of gene modification.

Below is a Q&A with the researchers, who presented work from their ongoing project, “Developing Feminist Frameworks for Ethics of Genome Modification” at the Feminist Research Institute’s 2017 symposium.