Call for Applications: 2020-21 Visiting Scholars Program

May 14, 2020

The UC Davis Feminist Research Institute (FRI) invites applications for its Visiting Scholars Program. FRI is a hub for exploring how gender, sexuality, race, and other social structures inform the design, execution, and interpretation of research. FRI builds deep collaboration as a mode of empowering research that moves us towards social justice and equity. The results are transdisciplinary projects that ask new questions, use new methodologies, and engage new audiences.

Crafting the “New Normal” of Research Culture

April 30, 2020

Wednesday, May 20th 2-3 pm via Zoom

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What will be the “new normal” for our research practices? I invite you to join me at our next Asking Different Questions meeting to discuss how this moment offers us new ways of thinking about our research motivations, practices, and directions. What skills and tools will we need to move forward? How is the pandemic shifting our sense of what research questions matter most? 

Bringing an Asking Different Questions Workshop to You

February 18, 2020

How can UC Davis create research cultures that value deep equity and inclusion? Asking Different Questions has answers. 

The Feminist Research Institute is ready to bring workshops on science and culture to your classroom, lab, speakers series, colloquia, student group, office, or department. The Asking Different Questions series gets to the roots of the problem to address how we can change the way we research, learn, and teach so that all people feel included in the enterprise of science.

Join the Mobility Justice Working Group

February 18, 2020

The FRI-sponsored Transportation Equity and Mobility Justice Working Group is gearing up for its third quarter. The goal of the working group is to provide more opportunities for students and faculty to convene and collaborate on themes and topics related to transportation equity in a dynamic and thoughtful space. It is affiliated with the Feminist Research Institute (FRI) and the Institute for Transportation studies (ITS), and includes researchers from Community Development, Civil Engineering, and Transportation Technology & Policy.

FUTURE READS: February Edition

February 18, 2020

Our January 23rd Feminist Futures Research Symposium featured two dynamic keynote presentations by Dr. Alisa Bierria (Ethnic Studies, UC-Riverside) and Dr. Kara Keeling (Cinema & Media Studies, The University of Chicago). Here, we highlight books and resources featured in their talks, as well as additional resources to check out:

Dr. Alisa Bierria “Feminist Futures & the Rupturous Potential of Care”