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Graduate Students: Apply to the Asking Different Questions Scholars Program

UC Davis graduate students: you can apply now to participate in a quarter-long workshop on how conduct research grounded in a commitment to justice. Participants will earn one unit graduate course credit, get a certificate of completion, and be eligible for research funds. Sessions will take place on Wednesdays from 10-11 am throughout Fall quarter (online).

The UC Davis Feminist Research Institute (FRI) is accepting applications for the Fall 2020 Asking Different Questions (ADQ) Scholars program. This program is for UC Davis graduate students and postdocs with a commitment to justice, equity, and diversity. This program will teach you how to integrate these values more deeply into your scientific practices. Researchers will gain the intellectual foundation to create and implement more equitable research agendas, while also improving the accuracy and impact of your work.

The attrition of women, Black, Latinx, and Indigenous scholars from STEM fields is not only due to explicit sexism and racism but also because of long histories of exclusion that continue to persist as norms of scientific culture. This includes logics of what counts as a valid research question. This program invites participants to rethink how norms are replicated and how research questions are determined, necessary steps to creating more diverse STEM fields. ADQ Scholars will have explicit conversations about research culture and practices and learn how to integrate the experiences and values of those historically excluded from the university.

ADQ Scholars will:

  • Attend weekly one-hour workshops, where they will learn insights from decades of work in feminist science studies and critical race science studies.
  • Apply lessons learned to their research and training.
  • Enroll in one unit of Science and Technology Studies (STS) 298 (if desired).
  • Receive a certificate of completion at the end of the quarter
  • Be eligible for research funds to support a project informed by the workshop series. 

Apply here.

Workshop topics include:

  • The Politics of Doing Science
  • Identity and Belonging in Science
  • Identifying Bias in Scientific Research and Training
  • Making More Accurate Knowledge
  • Studying Race, Sex, and Gender
  • Hierarchy and Accountability in Science
  • Addressing Legacies of Colonialism in Science
  • Moving from Asking Different Questions to Action-Oriented Change

We will be reviewing the first round of applications on September 21st and admission will continue after that on a rolling basis.

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